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4D Parametric Motion Graphs for Interactive Animation (D. Casas et al, University of Surrey) ā€“ Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics (i3D) - March 2012

RE@CT ā€“ Immersive Production and Delivery of Interactive 3D Content (O. Grau et al) - Proceedings of NEM2012 Summit - October 2012

Progressive Shape Models (A. Letouzey and E. Boyer, INRIA) ā€“ Proceedings of CVPR2012 conference

Global Non-Rigid Alignment of Surface Sequences (C.Budd, P.Huang, M.Klaudiny, A.Hilton, University of Surrey) - International Journal of Computer Vision, Vol 102, March 2013

Interactive Animation of 4D Performance Capture (D.Casas et al, University of Surrey) - IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. Vol. 19 - May 2013

High Detail Flexible Viewpoint Facial Video from Monocular Input using Static Geometric Proxies (M. Kettern, D. Blumenthal-Barby and P. Eisert - Fraunhofer HHI) - Proceedings of the MIRAGE'13 conference, Berlin, 6-7 June 2013

3D Shape Cropping (J.S Franco et al, INRIA) - Proceedings of Vision, Modelling and Visualisation conference (VMV) - Lugano - 11-13 September 2013

Multi-View Object Segmentation in Space and Time (A. Djelouah, J.S Franco and E.Boyer, INRIA & F.Le Clerc, P.Perez, Technicolor) - Proceedings of ICCV2013- Sydney- 3-6 December 2013

Demosaicing Bayer sampled images in the Fourier Transform Domain (J. Easterbrook) - BBC R&D White Paper - March 2014

4D Video Textures for Interactive Character Appearance (D.Casas et al, University of Surrey) - Proceedings of Eurographics 2014 - Strasbourg - 7-11 April 2014

High-Resolution Depth for Binocular Image-Based Modelling (D. Blumenthal-Barby & P.Eisert, Fraunhofer HHI) - Computers & Graphics, vol. 39, pp. 89-100, Apr. 2014.

High Resolution 3D Shape Texture from Multiple Videos (V.Tsiminiaki et al, INRIA) - Proceedings of CVPR2014, Columbus, OH - 24-27 June 2014

Wide Baseline Multi-View Video Matting using a Hybrid Markov Random Field (T. Wang, J. Collomosse & A. Hilton, University of Surrey) . Proceedings of International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) - Stockholm, 24-28 August 2014.

Optimal Representation of Multiple View Video (M.Volino et al, University of Surrey) - Proceedings of British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) 2014 - Nottingham - 1-5 September 2014

On Mean Pose and Variability of 3D Deformable Models (J.S Franco, B.Allain, E.Boyer, INRIA) - Proceedings of ECCV2014 - Zurich - 6-12- September 2014

Robust face recognition by an albedo based 3D morphable model (G. Hu, C. Chan et al University of Surrey) - Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB) 2014 - Clearwater, FL - 29 September-2 October 2014

Realistic Retargeting of Facial Video (W.Paier, M.Kettern & P.Eisert - Fraunhofer HHI) - Proceedings of European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP) 2014 - London - 13-14 November 2014

Hybrid Skeletal-Surface Motion Graphs for Character Animation from 4D Performance Capture (P. Huang, M. Tejera et al, University of Surrey) - ACM Transactions on Graphics

A layered model of body and garment deformation (A. Neophytou, A. Hilton, University of Surrey) International Conference on 3D Vision - Tokyo, 8-11 December 2014

An Efficient Volumetric Framework for Shape Tracking (B.Allain, J.S Franco, E.Boyer INRIA) - CVPR2015 - Boston, MA, 7-10 June 2015

RE@CT: A new production pipeline for interactive 3D content (F.Schweiger et al) - IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME 2015) - Torino - 29 Jun-3 Jul 2015